Always innovative and at the forefront in the field of new water technologies, EauNergie SARL has designed a revolutionary shower for public and private beaches. As well as for people around the world.

Fully autonomous, it recycles and filters the water in a closed circuit to save it more than 90% and keep it perfectly healthy.

Much more than a shower with its remote management system, it can become an information point, of security, source of energy and communication for beaches.

A shower solution for the future

• 90% of water saved
• 90% of the water budget preserved
• 90% of water resources saved
• Customizable design according to clients or sponsors

Based on the observation that a beach shower graciously provides approximately 1 million liters of drinking water during the summer period, EauNergie SARL has decided to develop a solution that will significantly reduce this consumption..

New technologies allow us to conserve our consumption patterns while preserving our resources. Economic models confirm the viability of this change and bring concrete results in environmental preservation.




_ Provide a shower water efficient and autonomous in electricity.

_ Allow municipalities to install economical showers for different users (surfers, vacationers, administered…).

_ Participate in the transformation of municipalities through reduction in water consumption and the reject treatment.

_ Communicate and sensitize to ecological problems.

_ Open up isolated sites.

4 principles

Récupération de l'eau de douche - Filtration - Stérilisation - re-distribution de l'eau propre


The closed circuit shower allows significant water savings.
LaDouche® by EauNergie saves more than 90% !









Water recycled by solar energy and autonomous mechanism

LaDouche® provides ultra-fliter water, closed circuit, for several days. Our shower remains connected to a supply of running water which makes it possible to top up for losses by evaporation, to ensure automated maintenance of the system that renews the lost water and to supply a drinking water terminal.

The water used for rinsing is returned to the purification part and then stored for reuse. The treatment of this water, called "raw", operates by ultrafiltration (membranes with French Sanitary Conformity Certificates). The operation of the process is fully automated and powered by solar panels. This allows autonomous maintenance management with alerts sent to the operator by SMS. The recycled water can periodically be used for cleaning or irrigation of the site.

LaDouche - Détails Techniques
LaDouche® - An economical and ecological shower


Drinking water production within the meaning of the ARS.

LaDouche® - An economical and ecological shower


The use of quality material ACS, NFS and FDA.

LaDouche® - An economical and ecological shower

And immediately

Probe and transmit the quality some water (T°, conductivity, pression…)









Tailor-made personalization

EauNergie has developed with LaDouche® a product that adapts to the tastes and different needs of operators. Our shower is much more than an eco-responsible shower.

Possible options

◦ Photovoltaic solar station.
◦ Seawater desalination unit.
◦ Provide irrigation water and road cleaning.
◦ Communicate information live from the operating site :
> Alert against jellyfish, Sharks, a tsunami
> Communicate and inform summer visitors about current activities on the beach
> Allow video surveillance
> Serve as a communication medium
> Have the necessary first aid equipment and be connected to civil security posts with an intercom
> Offer a wi-fi spot and allow zoning of the population visiting the site
> And much more…

Design and aesthetics


LaDouche - Exemple de Design

The shower – Design Example

The design of LaDouche® allows us to bury the process part (tanks and mechanisms). This advantageously facilitates its harmonious integration into the landscape.. It does not alter the view or the environment.

The aesthetics of LaDouche® can therefore be adapted to the needs and demands of operators, which offers a multitude of possibilities. We can adapt its design to the most personalized shapes and colors.

Looks like a straw hut, surfing, cabin or monolith, modern or retro appearances, hotel style, of a beach or a campsite, in the colors of a sponsor or to blend into the world of an amusement park…

One more time, the capacities that we give ourselves are limitless even in the personalization of its look.

LaDouche® - Une Douche économique et écologique


Quick return on investment in water costs.


LaDouche® - Une Douche économique et écologique


Possibilité de rémunération aux travers de la publicité.

LaDouche® - Une Douche économique et écologique


Développement du tissu économique local et sites isolés.









A rapid return on investment

LaDouche - Avantages économiques

A cost effective solution

The system LaDouche® is ultimately so economical that a shower pays for itself in just a few years.

Wear your sponsors

We have imagined showers that can display sponsors or promotional messages. This makes it possible to finance it and quickly make this investment bear fruit.. Municipalities and agglomeration communities will also find their own space for event communication or information.

Create an economic link

EauNergie wants to adapt as much as possible to all budgets to promote its sustainable and ecological solutions. We believe they are necessary for the future and hope to bring together investors who make the same bet as us for the future of our planet and its populations. LaDouche® is a product designed for the strongest economic and social development, as profitable and as sustainable as possible.

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