We create sources of drinking water throughout the world for individuals and for communities.

EaumOb, la solution en eau potable mobile et manuelle - EauNergie - L'eau potable par les énergies renouvelables

The EaumOb is a solution that allows to obtain 300 to 1000 Liters per hour of drinking water by manual pumping. It uses membranes Ultrafiltration and removes water bacteria, microbes, suspended particulates, sediment, E-Coli, etc. It makes drinking which is undrinkable and can be installed anywhere with a fixed pattern.


Seamob, la solution d'eau potable mobile à énergie solaire - EauNergie - L'eau potable par les énergie renouvelables

The SeamOb is nomad 100%. It uses the Osmosis Technology Reverse (RO) technolgy and produces 30 Freshwater liters per hour from a Sea Water containing up 40 grams of salt per liter. It is fully self-contained with its solar panels, rechargeable battery and its connection electric mains.


SeaSun - Solution de dessalement gros débit avec énergie solaire - EauNergie - L'eau potable par les énergies renouvelables

The range SeaSun offers several templates production of drinking water and d & rsquo; electricity from sea water and solar energy : from 25 to 1500 liters per hour. It is suitable for high speed processing. It has a maximum range with its solar panels and batteries capable of & rsquo; alternate mains and d & rsquo; d & rsquo feed; other electrical appliances.

Adhésion aux principes du Global Compact de l’ONU – Eaunergie

EauNergie SARL is referenced by the UN as its supplier of alternatives within the United Nation Global Market. (reference UNGM : 491821) Read more

"if we can obtain clean water from salted water with low cost, it would be for the long term interests of humanity, and would outshine all the other scientific successes"

– J.F Kennedy one 1962.

Access to water

EauNergie, l'eau potable par les énergie renouvelables

Fifty years after, the principle has come a long way. It didn't (yet) ousted other scientific advances but began to integrate into the global landscape as a real opportunity for the future of our planet.

Indeed, water resources are not inexhaustible, However, the right to water for some time a fundamental right that every human being should have access.

Unfortunately the reality is very different.

Currently 780 million people lack access to clean and safe water.

Based on this observation, EauNergie embarked generating a new delivery units and water treatment with specialty as desalination of sea water using renewable energy.

The EauNergie company is a Monegasque study office solutions "Turnkey" supply and water treatment. Our systems are designed and developed to provide drinking water through renewable energy. See it SeamOb, our technology focused, providing 30 liters per hour.

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