A series of TV news reports with EauNergie and its founder Mehdi Haj Abed.

Create the & rsquo; freshwater with alternative energies.

Eaunergie in Mediterranean Chronicles

France 3 PACA, 10 September 2016

Customs Aigon takes the direction of Monaco to discover enthusiasts Rock. A magazine directed by David Bouttin.

Mehdi rivals talent and ideas to take advantage of the wealth of the sea water. It desalting it by using solar energy. A concept to provide access to water to millions of people who are deprived.

Interview EauNergie at Cannes 2015

Interview with Mehdi Hadj Abed – Horyou Village @ Cannes Festival mai 2015

Mehdi Haj-Abed is a social innovator who founded the Eaunergie company to develop concrete solutions, durable and inexpensive to supply water to populations that have no direct access to drinking water. He traces his journey here and describes the different solutions that he designed and for which he won numerous awards, including the price SIGEF, awarded by Horyou in October 2014.

Mehdi Haj Abed is revealed in the guest of the weekend to Monaco Info

Monaco Info, October 2015

Designer training, Mehdi Hadj Abed founded the company EauNergie 2006 in association with the Foundation Prince Albert II.

Winner of the Monaco Government Innovation Award a few months earlier, this former designer of beer bottles has devised the first water treatment machine by renewable energy.

Capable of processing both seawater, river water or water discharges, the ingenious device displays a production cost of between 20 000 and 150 000 euros.

A Monaco company transforms all waters in drinking water

The Anne Hars, 16 January 2015, France 3
Reportage Jean Bernard Vitiello, Jean Paul Berlein Christine and David.

Speaker : Mehdi Hadj-Abed – Company managing Eaunergie Monaco, Phillippe Values – Founder of & rsquo; Association Children And Future and Eric Villalonga – Chairman of the Renewable Energy Union Monaco.

The company Eaunergie in Monaco has developed a filtration system that allows to make drinking any water puddle. A system which concerns large groups, but also humanitarian associations.

According to the world Organization's for health only 11 % of the world's population has access to drinking water. It would be a huge market for Eaunergie.
The engineering company provides solutions '' turnkey '' in the field of processing and supply of potable water per renewable energy.

In 2012 following a pre-selection of 10.000 solutions, EauNergie gained international recognition for technological innovation pole of the World Water Forum held in Marseille.

France 3

France 3 March 2016

Introducing the purification solution of & rsquo; water SeaSun by EauNergie.

Monaco Info

Monaco Info
Heritage & rsquo; water in Monaco.

Monaco Info

Monaco Info
EauNergie and the global forum of the & rsquo; Water.

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