The EaumOb® is a solution that allows to obtain 300 to 1000 liters by drinking water per hour manual pumping. It uses membranes Ultrafiltration and removes water bacteria, microbes, suspended particulates, sediment, E-Coli, etc.. It makes drinkable what was undrinkable.

The EaumOb is composed of classic plumbing equipment that are so easy to find in local markets. It can be assembled across the planet. The EaumOb does not withdraw the drug molecules, pesticides and salt, in this case, We offer you the SeamOb®..!!!

• Fully MOBILE
• Pumping MANUAL
• RESERVE de 25 L
• 2 bars (lift 20 m)
Eaumob by EauNergie - purification de l'eau par pompage manuel écologique et économique.

EaumOb by EauNergie produces a pure drinking water, ecological and economical by manual pumping

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