The SeamOb®, nomad 100%, uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) and product 30 liters per hour of Freshwater from a Sea Water containing up 40 grams of salt per liter.

The SeamOb has been selected as an innovative product by the commissioners of the Water Global Forum in March 2012 and those of the International Exhibition of Agriculture of Morocco (SIAM) I Mai 2012.

• 30 l / h of Pure Water
• Autonomous by solar panels and battery
• Max 40 g / l of salt – salts dissolved
• Very simple to use
• No electronics
• Nomad, marinisée
• energy saving & water
The SeamOb by EauNergie - dessalement de l'eau par énergie solaire

The SeamOb by EauNergie product of & rsquo; drinking water with & rsquo; sea water

It comes with its solar panel and his pack batteries can provide several hours of & rsquo; autonomy. The SeamOb actually allows & rsquo; offer a mobile solution for treatment of & rsquo; renewable energy water. She weights 32 kg.

customizable as desired, by the Office of Study EauNergie, we can adapt several technical as aesthetic options (Tank, Parachute, Trailer, Ultraviolet lamps, Chlorine, Design…)

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