Every three years since 1997, World Water Forum is the event that combines imagination, skills, expertise and innovation to advance the cause of water.

In Marseille, mi-mars, held the 6th World Water Forum. Son but? The challenges our world faces with a clear and bold theme:

Time solutions.

Platform solution is then put in place for each person / company can be expressed via the web. The solutions could be technical, Institutional, financial, legal and educational. No fewer than 10 000 solutions were deposited within months. 72 were selected based on their relevance to the future of the blue gold.


EauNergie is one of the winners. The company spent a week in the village surrounded by solutions 27 holders of other solutions in the pavilion called "Factory".

The latter consisted of technological solutions to facilitate / improve access to water.

EauNergie was able to share his expertise to an audience of professional.