Audience Award for EauNergie

Mehdi Haj Abed won in 2014 the Audience Award for EaumOb solution at the Social Innovation & Global Ethic Forum (SIGEF) ( organized by Horyou ( in Geneva. By design, l’EaumOb, can be assembled on developing territories. In addition to providing an effective solution to the perennial water, this machine also allows the creation of jobs and the development of local economy. (Material supply, assemblage, distribution, installation, interview, maintenance, etc..).

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Interview with Mehdi Haj Abed Sarah – Horyou
August 2014

Sarah : Hello Mehdi ... A few words to introduce yourself ? What would you tell us about you ?

Mehdi : Hello, My name is Mehdi Haj Abed. I am the founder manager of the company EauNergie. My will is to relieve people who have problems with access to water. And to do that, I try to develop innovative solutions that give water without polluting, using as much as possible green energy and equipment that can be applied across the board.

Sarah : What innovative solutions have you ever created ?

Mehdi : I work a lot on desalination of seawater operating with solar energy, it makes it I also develops solutions for desalination bring to isolated sites or ecotourism development potential along the coast. Since there are different types of water, There will be different types of solutions. I can treat seawater, polluted river water and can also provide a solution on the release of water. That is to say that once we had access to the water and that was polluted, it can also be reprocessed in order to bring new life to this water that would be used for example for irrigation or for livestock, etc. Pure Innovation, is the SeamOb for water desalination, nomadic, by renewable energy and EaumOb for the treatment of river water which I am proud.

Sarah : And for those who know nothing, what is innovative ? These solutions do not they exist ?

Mehdi : So it is but it is separated. It's all broken. Today, what is innovative and what brings us as a solution is that it meets and reassembles these technologies, Including in one solution and this solution provides a global response. That is to say, it will itself collect the dirty water, it will itself deal, and it will distribute itself, without asking for energy since it works with renewable energy so she is fully automated. And we approach a little bit of what I want to be : designer water sources. It includes everything that can exist technologically in order to relieve these people but it is done ethically and ecologically especially. Like creating a new water source. Regarding the EaumOb, is that you can build it anywhere on the planet..

Sarah : What are the projects that you would like to talk to us ?

Mehdi : I worked for example on a clinic in Mauritania we have fully equipped. Located in a small fishing village on the Banc d'Arguin, they only have access to salt water. Was installed a desalination unit which works with solar panels. These bringing energy, was offered the population a fridge to store vaccines, and lighting for this to be something cozy enough for them. Because to deliver babies by candlelight, as they did before, or having to wait as the general can open in order to give access to vaccines because he was the only refrigerator in the village ... So it simplifies people's lives. water is recycled in the latrine as. Latrines clinic is located right next to school, there is a process that has been set up to educate young people of this village through ecology and water recycling.

Another example, on Morocco, we installed a solar pumping solution. It provides 25 m3 of water per hour, is 25000 liters, and pump supplies as soon as the sun lights the station. The share of each in the association humanitaire here fourni notre solution financee by the Coopération Internationale à une toute petite association here elle cultive des palmiers dattiers et qui est located in the region of about Tata Marocain. For the little story, they did run a car engine, Renault 21, gas and it cost them 12000 per year for maintenance and purchase of gas to run this engine that dates back 80. Us, for full installation we were in the 40000 euros, so that in four years of production of water they could recover what they had spent in the gas engine. Knowing that behind, it does not pollute and it works, j'espere to life, in any case during the 20 coming years they will not have to buy energy in order to operate their pump. We made them a beautiful facility that allows them to occasionally remove the pump, to maintain it, restored in the water, as that's sustainable.

Sarah : Mehdi, Horyou on your profile you told a news article about the situation of a village in South Africa ... did you feel after reading this article ? What have you decided to undertake ? Why ?

Mehdi : I felt a lot of anger and frustration. Because I have a EaumOb the workshop and it was designed so that these tragedies do not happen.
I decided to do everything to send one there.

Sarah : If desired, how can we help you achieve this particular project ?

Mehdi : To help me, I ask the financial and logistical support to make concrete a machine sends. Estimated cost 10 000 Euros. Eventually, I wish the creation of a local assembly plant.

Sarah : You seem to have a special relationship with the water ... What is water for you? How do you explain that you're dedicated to you on this theme ?

Mehdi : Small, I grew up in a fishing village. The house is located between the orchards and the sea, we have plenty of drinking water sources.. Despite this, there was water to drink and water to wash, irrigate, clean, etc.. I know since childhood that water to drink and more precious than water for everyday life.. Water for me, it's life.

You will notice that even when sending a probe into space, the first things we look for is water.. Without water, no life..

Very early, I realized that our lifestyles us away from the value of water.

Sarah : – Through your commitment already, You give a lot. What you get ? Do you have any anecdotes to share with us ?

Mehdi : When you finish your project and you see people get water, you feel great well being.. It keeps me going, This is for example the parents of students of the Sailing School in Monaco, where we rented a machine, who informed me that their children were fighting to waste water at home, finished bathing or playing with the tap.. !!! (I remember the anecdote with the School of sailing Monaco -> children then make the lesson parents on bathroom ... And the story clinic Mauritania, I noted your words in my notebook : "And what, I am most proud of, it's a few months after we moved to the clinic in Mauritania, I learned that there are new- born wearing my name, Mehdi !!! Bon ben here super proud're, super content. Even if in the worst case your box stops now, and Ben have you done your taf. !!. You know these women will make their delivery to cool ... When I go back, I meet perhaps these children ... ")

Sarah : – For the last word, What message would you send to our readers ?

Mehdi : – Water is vital as the air, it is not a food, it's more than that !! She has neither increased nor decreased since the creation of the Earth.
For against us, Yes.. There are people dying of thirst when we clean the streets with drinking water… What is being done to change that ??