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EaumOb, Manual and mobile solution

EaumOb, la solution d'eau potable mobile et manuelle par EauNergie.

The Eaumob is a solution which makes it possible to obtain 300 to 1000 Liters per hour of drinking water by manual pumping. It uses membranes Ultrafiltration and removes water bacteria, microbes, suspended particulates, sediment, E-Coli, etc.. It makes drinkable what was undrinkable.     Entièrement MOBILE Pompage MANUEL ULTRAFILTRATION RETRO LAVAGE RECYCLAGE […]

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SeaSun – Desalination with Solar Energy

Desalination with Solar Energy

  the range of Seasun proposes several templates for the production of drinking water from sea water and solar energy : from 25 to 1500 liters per hour.   These systems are autonomous (solar energy with batteries, automated backwash, automation of water supply) and make use of technologies such as […]

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SeamOb – 30L/h d’eau potable où vous voulez

Redre potable l'eau de mer

The SeamOb, nomad 100%, uses Reverse Osmosis (RO) technolgy and produces 30 Freshwater liters per hour from a Sea Water containing up 40 grams of salt per liter. The SeamOb has been selected as an innovative product by the commissioners of the & rsquo Global Forum; Water in March 2012 and those of […]

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Treatment of wastewater

Rejection of the enclosure water collection (urine and wash water)     This method can be used with water from manmade emissions Applicable everywhere Can operate with renewable energy Settlement – Website fully autonomous saving of resources by recycling ecological and economic profitability Applies the European standards and guidelines […]

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